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Find out what the mortgage traders from Lehman, Bear, Goldman, Morgan, Merrill, Bank of America and many others told 30 year veteran of the Wall Street mortgage backed securities industry Peter Ressler about how and why the financial crisis of 2008 happened. Get inside their heads to learn what they did and why they did it. This is the first totally honest explanation from the insiders who caused the greatest financial crisis since the Great depression. Shocking details reveal the flaws in the Wall Street model. They share their opinions on what needs to be changed in order to create a new model that works for 100% of society, not just the 1%. After reading this book you will have the solutions needed to rebuild the financial services industry and…..you will never look at Wall Street the same way again.

“..A gripping read. Bold, direct, authentic, and raw.”— Martin Rutte

About the Authors:

Peter Ressler is the CEO of the premier Wall Street executive search firm, RMG Search, in New York, and an expert on Wall Street human capital with thirty years experience as a talent broker for the top investment banks and hedge funds including Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and Bear Stearns. He is an internationally renowned speaker on business ethics and value-based leadership. He holds a degree in business from Cornell University.

Monika Mitchell is the CEO of “Good-b” (Good Business International, Inc.) in New York, a new media company dedicated to socially sustainable business and named by the Washington Post Leadership Playlist as Standout Company of the Year in 2010. She is an acclaimed leader on better world business and women's empowerment. She pens the popular Economy of Trust blog on Good-b and is a featured blogger for the Huffington Post. She was the COO of Wall Street recruiting firm RMG Search with Peter Ressler for twelve years.

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