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The FIFTIES CHIX series is a spell-binding, time-travel adventure series for young teen readers.

KEEPING SECRETS is the second title in this five-book series. As if their quest to return home isn't challenging enough for Fifties Chix friends, Mary, Ann, Judy, Maxine, and Bev, they must also cope with a love triangle between Mary, Ann and James O'Grady; a controversial underground school newspaper; and the unexplained disappearance of their classroom teacher, who may be their only hope to return to 1955. Hang on tight as the time-traveling quintet explodes through well-kept secrets to find the answers in this second book of the Fifties Chix series.

My 11-year-old daughter has been reading the Fifties Chix series and loves it! She loves the mystery, adventure and friendship (with small hints of age-appropriate and very clean romance). As a mom, I'm very picky about the books my children read, and with the Fifties Chix series, I know it has all the ingredients I look for: wholesome characters, good moral values, no bad language, no inappropriate situations for this age group, and something fun to read. Additionally, with the theme of time-travel, she learns a little bit of history while having fun!

The book has a corresponding website with a free fan club where my daughter gets cute freebies like bookmarks, etc., and that has a wiki for parents (and educators, as we homeschool!) that has tons more info and activities to extend learning!

Overall, it's a series I feel good about letting my kids enjoy!”— Marie 'Marie', San Francisco Bay Area

“Buckle your seatbelts and hang on tight as you blast to the past – and back again – with the fun-loving, time-traveling Fifties Chix. I'm a fan!”— Heather Vogel Frederick, author of the Mother-Daughter Book Club series
Kids love the book, too: “The Fifties Chix are awesome! Each girl is so unique and has her own personality, and then you put the 5 of them together and they're this cool group of girls. I wish I could meet Ann, Mary, Bev, Maxine, and Judy in person! I love seeing how they deal with normal things like school, boys, and their families while they're on this incredible adventure at the same time. The book is so hard to put down, I always want to know what's going to happen next!!”— Liz, Boston, MA
The funny parts made you laugh, and the serious, I-am-not-joking parts made you stick your nose in that book until it was done.”— Elena, age 11, Novel Novice Reviewer

About the Author:
Author Angela Sage Larsen has flown with fairies, time traveled to the future, befriended an ornery elf and learned to speak Chinese in Beijing. To find out which of these things happened on paper and which in real life, check out her popular Petalwink story book series (which she wrote and illustrated) for kids and her new middle grade book, Travel to Tomorrow, the first book in the Fifties Chix series about five time traveling high school friends. Many more books — which may or may not be fiction! — for kids and teens are in the works.

Cover concepts and interior art by Astrid Sheckels (www.astridsheckels.com)

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